Finally an Asian place this side of town. Well, I won’t say I was very hopeful when I went there, but you know that would be a lie. I love Pan Asian food, and good Chinese and Thai are hard to come by in the HSR – Sarjapur belt. Shanghai Bistro is located on the Kasavanahalli Road – 1st floor, a pretty bright place with red Chinese Lanterns hanging that you can’t miss through its large glass windows. The seating area is small, but one of the partners mentioned they were initially looking at a delivery/take away place. Well now there are 2 seating areas, the outside section is non ac. Given the heat, we wisely decided to sit inside, underneath the red lanterns – hence the color in all the photos!


Steamed Chicken Momos


Chicken Baos

The menu has lots of options. Lots of soups, dim sums and starter variety listed, and of course a long list of main courses. It was going to be a very long evening. My cousin and his wife joined us as well, and we began, as is customary with Chicken Momo and Chicken Bao. The momos were quite wholesome, the chicken soft and flavorful, loved the sauce it came with – chilly and sesame seeds can do wonders together! The Bao was nice as well, they were open, with cooked chicken well done. We also got the Diced Chicken in Chilly Basil and a portion of the Crispy Shredded Lamb with Ginger, Spring Onion and Garlic Flake. Loved the lamb, it was the right bit of crispiness, not too much that the texture of the meat is lost, just enough. And it was very flavorful with the garnishes.


Crispy Shredded Lamb

Shanghai Bistro

Bamboo Shoots Rice


Char Kuey Teow

For the main course, we opted for the bamboo shoots fried rice, Char Kuey Teow (seafood and chicken) and stir fried chicken with shitake mushroom and broccoli. The fried rice was nice, a little too plain perhaps – but went well with the stir fried chicken. The Char Kuey Teow was basically rice noodles stir fried with everything else, a classic and fully loaded street food from Malaysia, I loved what the chef did here as well. Very flavorful, didn’t need a sauce or anything to go with.


Tab Tim Grob – The Star!

There wasn’t really much space for dessert, but when our server suggested that we try their Tab Tim Grob, we decided to share one. Red ruby like water chestnuts, in chilled coconut milk and tiny pieces of tender coconut strewed in as well, one of the best desserts for summer. We absolutely loved it. The food was good overall, flavorful, and affordable. I hope they start delivering to a wider area, because I could get used to eating this! A Thumbs Up for Shanghai Bistro.

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