HRC truly needs no introduction. With a staggering footprint of 209 venues across the world, Hard Rock is more of an affiliation rather than a pub to most of us. The Annual Legendary Burgers Around the Globe at Hard Rock Café is here, offering a great selection of burgers inspired from across the globe for its patrons. Aside from a promotional menu, there’s also Burg-A-Thon Champ that’s held at the café, and the winners go on to participate in the India wide Burger Challenge.

Italian Chicken Burger

Italian Chicken Burger

So our burgers of choice for that evening started with the Miami Cuban Beef Burger. Now these flavors can get a little hard to imagine, so just ask the kind folks at Hard Rock Café, and they will break it down for you. As will I! A spiced beef patty topped with crispy onions and generously loaded with cheese. The meat juicy and just the right tender– a tantalizing twist to their already impressive suite of meat burgers.

Miami Beef Burger

Miami Beef Burger

The Istanbul Kafta Burger came next – I mean we had to try this right? But it was a tad bit of a letdown. What I expected was more of a doner or shawarma burger – meaty and flavors. Instead, it was a shawarma spiced chicken patty, dressed with garlic hummus aioli, sliced onion, mushroom, pepper and feta crumble. You could say there were probably too many elements for a medium sized burger, and hence the balance for me was not quite there.


Istanbul Kafta Burger

The customary vegetarian burger was the penultimate one – The Mediterranean Veg – which we loved! Great spices and flavors grilled patty with mango aioli and veggies – crisp and nestled in a toasted bun. Well done! And finally, our last choice for the evening was the Italian Chicken Burger, quite a delicious blend, and definitely my top favorite from the ones we tasted. Panko crusted cheddar layering the neatly grilled chicken patty with a mild flavors mixed with spicy tangy sun dried tomato – bringing quite a welcome contrast to the palate. The menu features several other burgers but the both of us could only try these.


Mediterranean Veg

There’s also a lovely selection of cocktails to be paired with the burgers, and I got to try a bunch of them because Soham’s throat was squeaky! Hangman’s Blood is some serious stuff – rum, whiskey, brandy, gin and red wine mixed and topped with beer, yes, it’s probably the get-a-hangover drink! The Sweet & Fiery turned out to be blue, but with a spicy tinge of ginger, pepper and lemonade, nice and perky. The Watermelon Hoedown is what I spent most of my time drinking – the vodka and watermelon juice was soothing, and the lemonade and beer added the needed fizz! The lovely people at HRC got Soham the All Jacked Up, it was supposed to help him – Jim Beam, spiced rum, and honey and a bunch of mixers – wait, I think I had that one too!

Hard Rock Café

Cocktails Line up!

Hard Rock Café

And Again!

This Legendary Burger Fest is on at Hard Rock Café till the end of July 2016, along with their usual menu. Try out these great burgers from around the world, paired with these new cocktails. And don’t forget to leave me your feedback! Until then, happy grubbing!

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